How to choose the best moisturizer for your skin

We have all been there in that situation when we have to chose what serum or cream is best for our skin. Should you chose a nutritive facial cream or a moisturizing one?

Some estheticians would say that generally a nutritive facial cream can have moisturizing properties as well. However, there are significant differences between the two. For your skin to be youthful and beautiful, it needs to be nourished as well as hydrated (these are both two very different, yet essential things). A hydrating cream in general is not as heavy as a nutritive one. Its consistency is much lighter and it feels that way when applied onto the skin. This cream also helps maintain the skin’s PH and elasticity. On the other hand, a hydrating cream helps the skin stay youthful and radiant.

The first step in finding the right cream is to know your skin and its needs. Does it need moisture, or something nutritive? It is important that you also know the difference between a nutritive cream and a hydrating cream.

Hydrating Cream


The main thing is to never confuse the hydration process with the nutritive process. As mentioned before a hydrating cream has a much lighter consistency as well as helps maintain the skin’s PH normal. The skin should always be hydrated as this keeps it youthful as well as radiant. When we feel our skin dry, our makeup is quickly absorbed when applied. A hydrating cream helps maintain the skin’s elasticity as well as maintains the skin’s natural collagen.

Nutritive Cream


A nutritive cream has different properties and more benefits as it treats the skin. This cream has a richer consistency as it is heavier. This mainly helps regenerate the skin’s cells. It also stimulates the collagen production and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. This cream helps even out the skin tone making its appearance also smoother.

Aside from using a hydrating or nutritive cream, it is recommended that you use a serum for your skin prior. A nourishing serum rich in botanicals which helps to repair the skin’s lost elasticity as well as diminishes fine lines. One serum that we would recommend is by DERMGLO, Vitamin C: collagen serum.  This serum is paraben free and recommended for all skin types.


For your daily makeup routine, estheticians recommend that you apply the serum, followed by a cream, then your SPF. Only after you should apply your foundation, concealer, and powder. This will prevent your foundation from being absorbed into your skin therefore it will become a shield which will protect the skin from pollution and other external factors.



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