Mexico on my Mind

Hello from Mexico City! I have been spending so much time in Mexico lately. In the past 6 months, I’ve been to Cozumel, Riviera Maya, Mexico City, and Cancun! Getting to know Mexico has made appreciate its culture. It’s very culture rich, vibrant, and the people here are friendly as ever.

Of course, there’s the fashion too. Women in Mexico City dress very well. If I had to give their style a label it would be ‘chic’ because they dress fashionable, yet simple and conservative. However, there is an 80’s punk culture here as well and I’ve seen young people at bars and lounges dressed super boho or punk. Mexico City is very eclectic and art is everywhere. The hotels, restaurants, parks, architecture, and streets all reflect Mexico’s rich culture through art. As an artist, I’m very happy here.


I took an evening stroll through a park in Polanco, and I had to take a few photos of my outfit.


Although its mid-June, evenings here in Mexico City are averaging in the upper 60’s. The crispy evenings here in the mountains are refreshing, but my Stelari kimono came in handy to keep me warm on my walk.


Mixing prints? Love it!

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