How To Wear Leather In Spring/Summer

Dear Lady Code,

I am excited to say that this week I am writing to you from MIAMI. Yes, a Lady Code reunion is happening as you read this. This marks the first time Lisa, Stefania, Crystal and I are in the same city at the same time. Like finally! As such, brace yourself for a gazillion photos as we have tons of fun activities planned during this special time. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss out on our exciting adventures!

This week I decided to write about an edgy and sexy essential that is often worn during the colder days. However, I beg to differ as I think that if done right, leather can be worn in the spring/summer months as well as we welcome the warmer days! May it be for a sexy date night or a fun Sunday brunch (yes, we know you love brunching) with the girls, include this fashion staple in your wardrobe all year round.

Here is a round up of 5 ways to wear leather this spring/summer:


1. Leather leggings: This is the perfect replacement for leather pants as the weather gets progressively warmer. Pair it with a sassy crop top and you are good to go! Bonus points for being able to show off those toned calves in the process since leggings are more figure hugging than pants 😉 In this photo: Topshop faux leather leggings.

2. Nipped at the waist leather skirt: This skirt is perfect for every season. In the winter, it can be worn with stockings or tights and in the summer it can be worn on its own. I love nipped at the waist skirts because they enhance the slimmest part of your figure, your waist. It is also the perfect cover up if you had a guilty indulgent (pasta, anyone?) earlier in the day since it flairs at all points below the waist. I am obsessed. In this photo: Topshop faux leather skirt.

3. Leather mini skirt: Unlike the nipped at the waist skirt, the leather mini can only be worn in the summer when the weather is worn enough to show those gorgeous legs of yours. This short skirt is flirty and the best part? Legs for days. I approve. In this photo: Vintage leather mini skirt.

4. Tory Burch flats: This is hands down the easiest way to incorporate leather into your summer wardrobe. These flats are trendy and perfect for running errands as you can run about comfortably in them. What more could you ask for?

5. Leather shorts: Leather shorts are hot. Like the mini skirt, you can expose your legs in these shorts. Even though shorts are generally worn on more casual affairs, the leather material styles up your look and is a definite step up from cotton shorts. As a result, you can sport these shorts and still look chic and elegant for a night around town. We’ll take it. In this photo: Forever 21 faux leather shorts.

I hope this inspires you to wear leather come summer!

Till next time,

Emilyn xx

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