Lady Code Makeover

Our Lady Code member Emilyn is in Miami for the week, so we are all finally reunited. As I had the day off on Sunday, what better way to spend the day than to do a makeover. Us girls, enjoy spending hours in the salon beautifying ourselves and on beauty products. Although Emilyn was not too convinced at first about what she wanted to do for her makeover, she ended up giving in and joining me at the salon, hehe 🙂

Summer is coming, this means its time to switch up your hair! The fun, playful vacation days are here and you want to look your best. There are many trends emerging and popular this summer season which means that there are more options for you to chose from when it comes to your style.

Emilyn and I had the pleasure of having our hair done by my very good friend and expert hair and color specialist at RikRak Salon, Mimi Lopez. Rik-Rak Salon is one of the top ten salons in Miami, located in Brickell. Many celebrities such as: Jennifer Anniston, Nicole Kidman, Beyonce, and Britney Spears have walked the doors of this prestigious salon.  When it comes to Mimi, her work is impeccable, as her haircutting, coloring, and styling techniques are very precise. She has been working in the beauty industry for many years as well as she is very attentive when it comes to her clients and work. Emilyn and I knew we were going to be in excellent hands and were very excited to do our makeover.

Emilyn decided to completely switch up her style and so she went for the A-lin bob. Her hair was shoulder length and a little angled before but she wanted to do something more dramatic and chic, that would make a statement.


Mimi’s cutting techniques are very precise and the cut was very well executed. Emilyn ended up cutting 3 in from her hair. It ended up being very short at the back  and longer in the front. This gave her hair a lot of volume as well as movement. We deff recommend this haircut because as the hot summer days are coming, its an easy way to keep your hair looking chic, as well as it will keep you cool, since long hair can get overwhelming sometimes. This hairstyle is a classic, timeless, and elegant. If you want to have a sharp, perfect, and well defined A-line Bob you should definitely visit Mimi.




For my makeover I decided to do the Ombre. Some say the trend is passé as it has been around for a while now, but I believe if executed properly it can look fantastic. I had a single color for a while now, and quite honestly having one color is very dull and boring. You want to stand out and for your hair to radiate and turn heads. As I mentioned before, Mimi is a color specialist and also specializes in bolayage, which is a coloring  technique where you paint the hair. I went a darker shade of chocolate brown for my roots, and then for my ends she bleached and painted them a very light blonde. The end result was amazing, as the darker part at the top contours my face which brings out my features and the light ends make a statement.








Try these looks and don’t forget to visit Mimi at Rik-Rak Salon.

Rik-Rak Salon Boutique and Bar – 1428 Brickell Avenue, Miami FL, 33131

Also you can follow Mimi on Instagram @mimilopez87


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