Look of the day: Bold and Edgy

Whether you usually wear clothes that reflect an edgy style or you like to mix things up once in a while, this look will flatter your figure while turning heads.

As leather is very in, I decided to invest into a pair of leather leggings. Leather jackets have been trending lately and shortly after came the dresses, leggings, and skirts. The leather leggings are very elegant but also flattering to my figure, elongating my legs while keeping my slender shape.

For today’s outfit, I wanted to go for a different style than what I usually wear. The majority of my clothes are very soft and feminine, usually in light cream and pastel colors and fine, soft, lace. However, as fashion is always changing I wanted to be daring and change everything up.

I paired up my leather leggings with a white blouse from H&M. The soft material of the blouse balanced out the rough look of the leather leggings and combined they looked perfect. On top I decided to wear an elegant black blazer. This outfit put together is very chic and almost reminds me of the style of clothing found at Express.

For accessories I wanted to keep it simple, therefore I decided to wear my Michael Kors watch and add a pair of earrings. Minimizing the accessories made the outfit stand out more, but still kept its elegance.

Last but not least, I added a pair of black platform heels that elongated my figure and tied the whole outfit together. This outfit made me feel confident, edgy, and elegant. It is a perfect outfit to wear during the day or nighttime. Without the blazer it looks more relaxed, so it can be worn for drinks with the girls as well.

If you feel daring, I suggest you try wearing something like this!!! 🙂

photo 2-13

photo 4-10

photo 1-12

photo 3-11



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