Introducing Melissa Martin: Lessons from a cheerleader

Fellow blogger of Bold Brilliant and Brunette, Melissa Martin is a journalism student and professional cheerleader born and raised in Miami. She focuses on many subjects ranging from beauty and fashion to money saving tips and lifestyle. In this feature post, she shares the four life lessons she’s learned during her four years as a pro cheerleader.


Hi readers,

As you may know, I am currently a full time student as well as a professional cheerleader. Being on my cheer team for the past 4 years has undoubtedly been the most incredible experience ever. I feel like I’ve learned so much about myself and have become who I am truly meant to be. This fun and crazy journey has taught me so many things, but there are four particular lessons I’ve learned along the way that have really made an impact on my experience. I wanted to share these lessons with you all in hopes of helping you better enjoy whatever journey you may be on.

Stop counting everyone else’s blessings and focus on your own

Envy is a sin that we’ve all committed. As much as we want to be happy for our friends, sometimes we can’t help but wonder– why didn’t I get to do that? Why them and not me? We spend so much time focusing on other people’s lives that we forget to be thankful for our own. It’s important to remind yourself of all your accomplishments and opportunities. Each person has his or her own road and the only way to enjoy the ride is to keep your eyes on your road.


It’s actually a fact that smiling gives off endorphins, which make people happy. Unfortunately plastering on a fake one isn’t going to do the trick. Smiling is great, don’t get me wrong, but thinking positively is what has really made a difference in my day-to-day life. I’ve noticed that little things don’t bother me anymore because all my happy thoughts overpower those minor negativities. Whenever I’m faced with a negative situation, I always take the good out of it. No matter how horrible a problem might seem (which 90% of the time probably isn’t that horrible), there’s always something good you can take from it. Find that good, use it, then take a deep breath and smile. You’ll find yourself feeling much more stress-free.

Put in every ounce of effort you have
 I have to admit, I’ve had those days where I only want to give the minimal required effort and just slide on by. It’s okay to take a break every once in a while, but it’s not okay to do things mediocrely all the time. Those days that I gave just enough effort are the days that I look back at, wishing I would’ve given more. I wish I would’ve danced bigger then, I wish I would’ve studied harder for that test. All those “eh” days add up and if you don’t push to your limit, you’ll never know how far you could actually go. Give as much as you’ve got every time and you’ll start growing into the best version of yourself.
Live in the moment

This one’s a special one for me. As I start to look back at the past four years, I find that the best memories are the times when I wasn’t worrying about the future, the past, my problems, or anything else. I was solely devoted to that very moment and I was enjoying every part of it. We don’t take into account that what we do at any given time disappears to soon become history. Be there, be in the moment and take in every second of it, because eventually all these moments turn into memories, so we might as well make them good ones.

In these past four years, there have been ups, downs, surprises- good and bad- and thousands of other things that have molded me into who I am today. I’ve learned so much along the way and although my run isn’t over, I know that I can take on any future obstacle with the lessons I’ve learned as a cheerleader. Go figure. 

To learn more about Melissa you can follow her on:

Twitter: @melmelbombshell

Instagram: melmart_


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