Back to school: sporty and chic

Its that time of the year again…at the blink of an eye the sweet summer days have flown away. It is time to give way to the fall days and with that school starts as well.  Little by little our schedules will shift from the long, relaxing days at the pool filled with laughter to busy days filled with exams, homework, and projects.

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Regardless if you are on vacation or at school, you want to be dressed your best. Ever heard the expression “first impressions matter most”, well it is very true.  Start the school year in style.  It is important to always dress adequate for the occasion, however this does not mean you can’t have fun and leave an everlasting impression.

Our outfits for back to school are fun, sporty, and chic! We are ready for our first day ❤

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lisa opie, sporty, back to school, back to school in style, fashion, fall 2014, lady code

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sporty, lady code, fall fashion, lisa opie

lisa opie, sporty, fall fashion 2014

lisa opie, back to school 2014, lady code,

Here is where you can find Lisa’s outfit:

-Top: H&M

-Pants: Armani Exchange

-Shoes: Aldo

-Sunglasses: Aldo

-Bracelets: Michael Kors and H&M

-Tattoos by (

stefania sita, lady code, chic, fall fashion, back to school 2014

fall fashion, stefania sita, back to school fashion 2014, chic

lady code, stefania sita, fashion, chic, back to school 2014

lady code, fashion, chic, stefania sita, back to school 2014

lady code, fashion, chic, fall 2014, back to school 2014


Here is where you can find Stefania’s outfit:

-Dress: A’Gaci

-Shoes: A’Gaci

-Purse: Burberry

-Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

-Jewelry: Tiffany’s and H&M

– Tattoos by:  (

We hope you have a great year ahead filled with success ❤





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