Manicure Ideas for the Holidays

Tis’ the season…

Christmas is next week, and shortly after New Year’s follows. When it comes to getting ready for the ravishing parties or the fancy family dinners, attention to every detail even the smallest is crucial. Regardless if you are the host or not, every woman wants to look as best as possible. New dresses, shoes, and jewelry are bought, hair and spa appointments are made, and make-up is perfectly done…but wait! Aren’t we forgetting something?

That something I was mentioning earlier is your manicure. If you want to be polished from head to toe, it is important to not forget about your nails. Polish them as well, as they do make a big statement. Your manicure is that small detail that adds the last touch to looking perfect.

Although, getting manicures lately seems boring and kind of redundant especially for the holidays, as the fun, bright summer colors can’t be used. BUT don’t panic,  here are some ideas of how to do your nails for the holidays that hopefully will inspire you.

 Royal Gold Manicure 

Gold nails are perfect for the holidays. This color is very elegant and warm bringing in the holiday spirit. You can decide to do a plain gold color or glitter gold. It will make you stand out and sparkle. This manicure can be done on different occasions being appropriate for both Christmas or New Year’s. There are many shades at the store that you can choose from, however when doing so make sure that the color is rich enough, as sometimes nail-polish in the bottle may look different than on the actual nail. We recommend going for a more solid and thicker gold rather than something that is transparent.



Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 8.34.45 PM



Classic Red 

Red is the perfect color for Christmas. When we think of Christmas the color red is almost always associated with it. Red would be an ideal color for your manicure for Christmas. It is very classy and elegant, as well as your nails will for sure make a statement. As far as the shade of red, this is for your discretion to choose but we recommend the classic bright red. One tiny problem about doing a red manicure is, as the color is very vibrant it is very easy to get it on the sides of your nails as well as if not dried properly for it to mess up. Make sure to clean the sides and to be patient when drying your nails. Also, as this is a strong color, it is recommended that you use a base coat prior to applying it so that your nails will not be stained. This color can be appropriate for New Year’s as well, as it is very classy.



Deep Purple 

This rich purple color is very sophisticated and holiday appropriate. It is elegant and divine, making your manicure really stand out. As mentioned before taking care of your nail and protecting them is really important therefore it is recommended that you use a top coat prior to applying this polish on as it is a very deep color. The shade you use  is up to you however we recommend a dark deep purple.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 8.52.06 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 11.55.47 PM

Elegant French 

French manicure is very elegant and suitable for many different occasions. It represents the sophisticated lady that you are as well as expresses elegance. This manicure is very delicate and subtle. It is appropriate for different occasions. For Christmas and New Year’s it is highly recommended by us.  It is easily matched with any outfits as well as looks elegant and regardless of the color of the dress you choose to wear it will not clash.

french nails




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