Z-Burn Sleep Smart – Nighttime Metabolic Enhancer

Tomorrow’s fitness starts tonight. Sleep Smart.

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Z-Burn allows you to get a good night’s sleep while being productive and promoting weight loss. This is a fat burner designed to optimize the body’s most productive function, sleep while using it as a platform to reduce unsightly fat. It is a known fact that a bad night’s sleep leads you to have 55% less weight loss. The ingredients in Z-Burn are stimulant-free and combined eliminate stress to allow you to fall in a deeper and more productive sleep.

During sleep stages 3 and 4 of non- Rem sleep the body is most productive as it releases growth hormones that are associated with fat burning as well as muscle building. The ingredients of this product help you get to these sleep stages faster as well as stay there longer. The result is you sleep deeper, more relaxed as well as the ingredients empower your body with special amino acids and nutrients.

While you sleep, Z-Burn increases the efficiency of natural functions responsible for metabolization (insulin efficiency and protein synthesis).

How is weight lost? 

During sleep, this product releases Adiponectin (a hormone that causes your body to burn fat for fuel) , meanwhile fat storage hormones like Cortisol are limited therefore all around fat accumulation is eliminated. Your body continues to burn calories even if you are asleep.

After using this product for some time I can say that my sleep has improved. I would usually take two capsules 30 minutes prior to bedtime as indicated on the label. It would not be long before I would fall into a deep sleep (deeper than usual), I would not wake up throughout the night, and the next morning I would wake up feeling rejuvenated regardless of the amount of hours I slept. Due to my petite body frame I did not experience any physical changes or weight loss, however this product reduced my “hunger” hormones and sugar cravings therefore in the morning I would not wake up hungry.

Everyone’s body is different therefore the results that I had could be dissimilar on someone else’s body. An average Basic Metabolic Rate is around 1800 calories/24 hours. The ingredients in Z-Burn increase Nighttime Metabolic Rate by 30% therefore an average NMR would be 600 calories. This product is supposed to burn 180 more calories in an average night and this is equivalent to 20 minutes of working out.

This product was created using clinically proven, all natural ingredients that systematically work together towards towards optimizing sleep and attacking body fat.


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