HIT or MISS: Glam Goth

After Rihanna flaunted her hew “glam goth” mullet and Scarlett Johansen was featured on “W” magazine in a gothic theme photo spread, the “Glam Goth” trend has become increasingly popular.

We are all ready for fall with plenty of dark colors in our wardrobes but is glam goth too much?



Let’s go over how this new trend has come about:

  •  It all started with the studs. Remember last year when studs were everywhere? The stud trend is here to stay, and it has evolved fashion to have a punk edge to it.
  • Leather. Leather is everywhere, especially black leather! Leather is one of the key ingredients to a perfect, trendy outfit this season.
  • Deep colors like Merlot, Emerald, and Navy Blue: These are the proclaimed “Colors of the Season,” and they are best paired with…black.
  • Excessive and unique forms of accessorizing: With head pieces, body chains, hand jewelry, and now leg jewelry, the accessory trend can make you look like a flower child, or more on the glam gothic side, depending on your pairings.
  • The Smoky Eye trend. Who doesn’t like a nice, seductive, smoky eye?

Personally, I love the punk look with a soft edge. I love wearing studs, statement accessories, and leather.

However, like many of you, I don’t think I can pull off a glam goth look! Below are some subtle ways to show your rebellious, daring side without scaring your peers!

  • Keep it feminine: Highlight the GLAM part of the trend ❤



Is this trend a HIT or a MISS?

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