Introducing Emilyn Teh

I am honored to have the opportunity to introduce one of my closest friends, Emilyn Teh, as the newest member of the Lady Code team. I befriended Emilyn while we were both students at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2010. We discovered that we had a lot in common: we were passionate about improving our community, we held leadership positions, we were involved in many of the same organizations and activities, we had a multi-cultural background, and we had ambitious plans for the future. We formed a close friendship immediately. Although I left to spend two semesters abroad, and Emilyn transferred to Cornell University, we have maintained our friendship through the years. Upon meeting Stefania during her recent visit to Miami, Florida, the three of us decided that Emilyn would be a powerful addition to Lady Code. Emilyn will be a contributor to Lady Code and she will be posting every weekend.

Emilyn Teh with Lady Code and Rohan Williams at the VSP Productions World Wide studio
Emilyn Teh with Lady Code and Rohan Williams at the VSP Productions World Wide studio

About Emilyn: 

An aspiring journalist from Penang, Malaysia, Emilyn is  graduating early from Cornell University in December with a B.S. in Communication with a minor in Applied Economics and Management. Upon graduation, she would like to attend Columbia Journalism School to obtain a Masters Degree in broadcast journalism. Her dream is to move to NYC or LA to be an entertainment and fashion reporter.

At Cornell, she is part of the editorial team of Thread Magazine, the first and only fashion magazine on campus. She is also a student employee in the Cornell Media Relations office in which she facilitate press requests, speaker events and monitor media coverage. Some of her other affiliations include being the President of Lamda Pi Eta Communication Honors Society, Vice-President of the Communication Student Advisory Board and an active member of Association for Women in Communication, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, CALS Student Leadership Committee and Rent the Runway representative.

Emilyn at her second year at Teen Vogue Fashion University

She spent this past summer interning in the editorial department at Teen Vogue. In addition to reporting to her mentor, bookings editor Lara Bonomo, she actively volunteered in the Fashion News Department, Features Department and Web department as well. It was a dream come true for her to see her first Teen Vogue byline on She was also featured in the November issue of Teen Vogue, where she shared her tips on dressing for an internship. Other than that, Emilyn spent summer of 2012 in Sydney Australia as a “Graduate Marketing Intern” for Blackhawk Network, a subsidiary for Fortune 50 company, Safeway inc.

Emilyn Teh in the November 2013 issue of Teen Vogue
Emilyn Teh in the November 2013 issue of Teen Vogue


Prior to transferring to Cornell, she spent her freshmen year at Virginia Commonwealth University where she hosted and produced the number one show on WVCW Radio called “Dream with Emilyn” with an international audience from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, England, America, Canada and Spain. The highlight of the show included a weekly “Emilyn’s Quote of the Week” segment. She has also edited several books including a teenage self help book that is currently in the process of being published in Malaysia and the 7th version of “Master the Art of Cold Reading” by Angel Harper.

Emilyn is trilingual and also speaks Mandarin Chinese and Malay.

In her free time she enjoys public speaking, traveling and reading. She is also currently working on her first non-fiction novel “Dream with Emilyn.”

Emilyn at the Rent the Runway captsone weekend
Emilyn at the Rent the Runway captsone weekend

We are so excited to have Emilyn join Lady Code!

Follow Emilyn on Twitter and Instagram: @EmilynTeh

Follow Emilyn on Facebook:

She will be posting her articles on Lady Code every weekend.

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