Concealer 101

Make-up expert and passionate Kristen Chapman shares with us her secret when it comes to applying concealer. There are many details to be taken into consideration when it comes to it such as: your skin type/tone, the application process, the brand etc. If done properly, it can do wonders and completely transform your complexion!

The truth is that we all don’t get quite enough sleep at night; ( if you’re like me you hardly get any) and just about everyone I know has woken up with a huge zit right in the middle of their forehead the day of a big event.Luckily there is a full proof way you can always look amazing even if it’s “one of those days”. 

As a Sephora Product Consultant, I get these concerns from clients everyday. They always complain that the concealer they are already using doesn’t quite get the job done.The answer is that the dark under-eye circle or a blemish needs to be neutralized or color corrected first.

How to do this you ask? Simply follow my guide below to always look fabulous!

Always color correct the dark under-eye circle or blemish BEFORE applying your regular concealer

  • If your dark under-eye circles have more of a purple hue then you will need to use a color corrector that is yellow ( think of the LA Lakers).
  • If your dark under-eye circles have more of blue hue then you will need to use a color corrector that is more pink or salmon (  think of Tony the Tiger ).
  • If you are deeper complected try using a matte bright orange lipstick to color correct your dark under-eye circles. (sounds crazy but trust me it works) Kat Von D’s A-Go-Go always works on my clients.

kat von d

  • If you have a blemish that is a reddish color you can use the same yellow color corrector or a green color corrector ( green can be hard to find).

A few of my favorite color correctors:

  • Nars Concealer : pear (yellow)


  • Benefit’s Lemonade: this product is also an eyelid primer as well (yellow)

lemon aid

lemon aid concealer

  • Make up forever HD Invisible Cover Concealer: 320 (pinkish color)

makeup forever 2

  • Make up forever HD Invisible Cover Concealer: 350 (salmon color)

makeup forever

After applying the color corrector to the dark under-eye circle or the blemish then apply your skin tone concealer

  • For under-eyes my favorite is:
    • Nars creamy radiant concealer
      • the coverage is great and the creamy formula will keep those under-eyes hydrated and creaseless all day long. Wow!


  • For blemishes my favorite is:
    • Hands down the Make up for ever full cover concealer
      • this formula is waterproof, oil free, and dries to a matte finish. An ideal choice if you have blemish prone to oily skin types. Some of my clients have even used this concealer to cover tattoos (talk about coverage). If you have a lot of scaring due to post acne marks and sun damage this product is also just for you.

full cover

There you have it, all you need to know about looking your absolute best everyday no matter how much sleep you got the night before or how much your skin is “misbehaving”.

For further questions you can contact Kristen at



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