Beauty Myths

We all have different routines and habits when it comes to beauty. We use makeup to enhance features by accentuating our natural beauty while hiding imperfections. It is important to stay away from tips that can disadvantage us. There are a lot of myths about beauty which are not true!



Myth: Lipliner makes your lips look fuller

Many of us girls have tried this beauty trick to enhance our lips. On some, the dark lipstick they wear to make their lips appear fuller does not even go with their skin tone, or their makeup. If not applied properly lipliner can look very unnatural. Instead of using a dark color that is not advantaging you, go for a nude lip, you can use lipstick or lipgloss. This will keep your lips hydrated while giving you dimension

Myth: The natural arch should be followed when tweezing your eyebrows

You can tweeze your eyebrows however you like regardless of the thickness and shape that you have naturally. It is not necessary that you follow a specific way. Make sure that the shape, thickness, and arch you chose go  well with your natural features. Find a good esthetician and make sure to regularly go to them. Changing estheticians often can deteriorate your shape.

Myth: Brushing your hair makes it softer and luscious

Many beauty magazines say that if you brush your hair multiple times a day it will look shinier and be softer. This is not true. Brushing your hair in excess only damages your roots causing your hair to break. At most brush your hair twice a day from mid-shaft down to the ends. If it is tangled rub your fingers through it first never the brush, that way your hair does not break.

Myth: Shaving causes your hair to grow back thicker

This depends and varies from person to person, and skin types. If you have sensitive skin there are other unpleasant side effects that shaving causes. In almost all beauty magazines you can find this myth! Remember to consider when reading such information that everyone has different skin types and that it can react on one’s body in a way, while different on another.

Myth: If you have oily skin, you should not be using a moisturizer

This could not be more wrong! Every skin types needs hydration! Regardless if you have dry, combination, or oily, you should hydrate your skin. If you do not have a moisturizer because you have oily skin, you can have unpleasant effects later on in life. Besides, you should embrace your oily complexion as it keeps your skin looking younger longer and keeps wrinkles away. Choose a moisturizer that is for oily skin. This will not make it oilier but it will still keep it hydrated.

Myth: You should not use U.V protection during winter

Many think that it is not necessary to use U.V protection during the winter months! This could not be more wrong! Sun’s rays can penetrate through clouds and still be dangerous for your skin. Sun’s radiation can causes skin aging and wrinkles. It is best recommended that you protect yourself by always using a moisturizer and foundation that have U.V protection.

Myth: You can control your pores so that you can be more beautiful 

Regardless of the visits to your esthetician and the treatments performed, you cannot control the size of your pores! No matter how much money you decide to spend on facials or other procedures! What you can do is make sure to always deeply cleanse your face by washing it twice daily and removing your makeup! Also, get facials occasionally. This can help your complexion be more clear and radiant

Myth: Toothpaste heals pimples

This is false! Many have tried this trick as well, applying toothpaste on pimples or acne thinking that this will dry it out. However, the ingredients that the toothpaste contains, will irritate the skin and cause inflammations.

Myth: Chocolate causes acne

This could not be more wrong! Chocolate has nothing to do with acne!!! In fact, dark chocolate is an antioxidant which is beneficial to our skin, making it more radiant. You don’t have to hold yourself from indulging every once in a while for this reason.


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