The best protein source for humans: HumaPro

When I met Holly ‘Flexy’ Stanbrough at the Laura London 2013 Fit and Fabulous Mom event, I had to ask her a ton of questions about how she stayed in incredible shape!

I have been sticking to a high protein diet with protein sources from EAS protein shakes and foods high in protein. I asked Holly about her diet and she recommended HumaPro. HumaPro is pure protein, with 0.02 calories and 25 grams of protein per scoop!!


Most protein shakes, as Holly pointed out, is full of waste protein and calories. With HumaPro, we are getting the protein we need with hardly any calories (0.02 per serving).

I have started using HumaPro and I feel incredible. It makes me feel stronger and more energized.

Since I am not a professional bodybuilder I am mixing 1/2 scoop with water 20 minutes before my workout and another 1/2 scoop after working out.

You can order HumaPro online at the vitamin shoppe!

My favorite flavor is pineapple. It tastes delicious!

Enjoy seeing your body transform with protein and exercise!


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