City Spotlight: Lisbon

When people talk about traveling to Europe, Portugal isn’t the first place that comes to mind. Everyone goes to Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, etc. I want to share my travel experiences with you to bring the less visited cities into the spotlight.

Lisbon, Portugal, is little less talked about but I found it to be one of the most culturally-rich cities in Europe.


From the States, getting there can be a bit expensive. My trip to portugal was budget friendly. I was living in Barcelona at the time so my round trip cost me about 40 Euros on EasyJet.

Thankfully public transportation in Lisbon is easy to use and inexpensive. I took a bus from the airport to my hostel. There are many hostels in Lisbon. I found a cozy hostel overlooking Lisbon. It was in a residential area and next to a local restaurant. I was able to enjoy traditional Fado music and spend time with locals.

The view from where my hostel was located
The view from where my hostel was located
View from the path I took to get to my hostel. VERY local!
View from the path I took to get to my hostel. VERY local!

Street Art:

Street art was everywhere in Lisbon.

Portugal2 Portugal1 Portugal


Lisbon had perfectly paved, mosaic sidewalks. If you ever visit, enjoy their wonderful sidewalks!

portugal2 portugal1 portugal


Santa Justa Lift:

portugal2 portugal

Praça dos Restauradores:

goofing off
goofing off


Trolley Rides:

Trolleys are a fun way to get around Lisbon!

portugal4 portugal3 portugal2 portugal

Plaza Del Comercio:

portugal3 portugal2 portugal1 portugal


Climbed up!
Christ the Redeemer in Portugal

portugal4 portugal3 portugal

Castelo de São Jorge:

The view of Lisbon from the castle!

portugal3 portugal1 portugal


Several hours away from Lisbon, in Sintra, there is another castle, the Castle of the Moors. This castle was amazing. It was a very very very long walk through hills and a jungle to get to the castle. This castle was ENORMOUS. You can also take a tour through the rooms in the castle (definitely worth it). I can’t share photos of the inside with you because photos were not allowed.

So enchanted!
The walk all the way up to the castle was like this
Finally made it to the castle!

portugal4 portugal3


Porto is far north of Lisbon. It’s known for its port wine and my goodness, I have never had better wine than port wine! I was able to tour Taylor Fladgate’s winery. It was amazing, Porto was my favorite city in Portugal.

Thanks to Couch Surfing, I was able to find a place to stay for free. Fernando, our host is probably the king of couchsurfing! He has couchsurfers stay with him almost every night and has had visitors from almost every country! It was a very enriching experience. Fernando introduced us to some locals and other travelers and we all enjoyed dinner at his favorite spot.

Fernando and some other travelers. It was so exciting to meet people from all over the world and learn their stories.
The food was amazing!
Porto. So pretty.
Fernando’s wall of gifts from other couchsurfers!
I guess Street art is a Portugal thing 🙂

portugal5 portugal1 portugal


The food in Portugal was incredible. We enjoyed wine with almost every meal, or Sangria of course. Portugal also has AMAZING coffee.  I also had the experience of trying rabbit. I fine with eating it until I found the bunny’s head.

The Rabbit… Ears and everything. Cooked and ready to eat!

portugal5 portugal4 portugal1 portugal

Next time you think about taking a Eurotrip, don’t forget Portugal!

Happy travels,



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