About Lady Code

Lisa Opie and Stefania SitaLady Code was created by two best friends, Lisa Opie and Stefania Sita with the goal of empowering women by promoting wellness. Passionate about putting an end to bullying, Lisa and Stefania are working together to provide those who are bullied with the support and inspiration to live a healthy, fit, and confident lifestyle.

Through YouTube, blogs, and social media, Lisa and Stefania will continue to provide tips and advice for young women to overcome their every day obstacles as well as become ambitious and successful.


LadyCode provides daily updates, articles, and tips on the following topics:

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Q & A
  • Current Events

In addition to the topics above, LadyCode also has guest interviews with notable role models, healthy recipes, and even pageant coaching tips.

2 thoughts on “About Lady Code

  1. I love your website! It provides amazing tips on beauty, health, fitness and fashion for everyone. Plz keep posting on this blog:))


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