Urban Decay’s Naked Honey Palette Review & Try On!

Urban Decay Cosmetics is dropping their Naked Honey eyeshadow palette tomorrow, and luckily they sent LadyCode a palette to try before it hits the shelves! Do we approve?

The short answer is YES, this palette is gorgeous and offers the perfect mix of highly pigmented, buttery mattes and shimmers to create an every day natural look.

I love the look I created with this palette, and everything blended beautifully. The palette comes with a dual-sided brush that helps with application. Watch my Naked Honey review video above to see it in action.

Let’s talk about why I’m hesitant to send you straight to the store to buy the palette: I feel like with the zillion makeup brands out there, competing for our business, there are tons of other eyeshadow palettes that can give you what you need to create a similar look for less *cough Morphe cough* but I really do love the palette. I think you should do your research and explore what every brand has to offer before committing to spending your money on this palette, but this goes for almost every product at this point since everyone is selling cosmetics now!

Speaking of EVERYONE selling cosmetics, I just dropped 2 new lashes and a collection of bling rings on the LadyCode Shop!

CLICK HERE TO SHOP and use code QUEEN at checkout for free shipping!

Love you guys!



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