Hey Dolls!

I shared my first impressions and unboxing of the Jeffree Star x Morphe Artistry Palette on the LadyCode YouTube Channel a couple weeks ago. If you missed the try on, catch up right here:

I went FULL glam with this look because, well, why not? After trying it out for the first time on camera, I loved the palette overall so I decided to pack it up with me to use as my only eyeshadow palette for my 2 week trip to Europe.

Did I make a mistake? I know that in Europe, women are much more conservative with their makeup looks, so that glam look I created in the original video would have been way tooo much for France and Portugal. I actually struggled with creating natural looks with this palette because the colors are so bold and warm.

Some days, I would go all out with the palette and the black shadow came in handy to fill in gaps in my lashes from where my eyelash extensions started shedding. However, for EVERY DAY European natural glam, this palette didn’t fly. at. all.

I ended only using the palette for the mirror for the majority of the time because that huge mirror on the palette is actually bomb. For eyeshadow though, I ended up just using my Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder in the color deep (I use this for powder contour too) in my crease and some highlighter (TheBalm’s Mary-Loumanizer) on my lid & brow bone and called it a day. For lashes I used REBEL #LisaLASHES from The LadyCode Shop every day!


Here are some photos from my “natural” makeup in Paris:

So, obviously its a totally different look from the full drag (wig and all) we did in the original review.

Let’s get to the bottom line. I LOVE this palette for creative, full glam, “full drag” looks but I struggled with it for natural glam. If your vibe is super natural, then you don’t need all this. If you love a good pigmented beat with cut creases & such, then consider the Jeffree palette as an addition to your collection.

Love you guys!




  1. I’ve been on a bit of a Social Media Hiatus since my Dad died this summer, and even found myself nit wanting to put on Makeup, but I’m happy to say I’m coming out of my funk and even got excited about this palette!! Even more so your review of it!!


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