Introducing Elizabeth – The LadyCode’s New Guest Interview Correspondent

Photo by: Tommy Chung Hair and Makeup: Malinda Ballesteros

Hello Lady Code!

I am so excited to join a team of incredible women I have admired so long from afar. I am Elizabeth Tran, and I’m thrilled to be writing on such a great platform. I recently graduated from the University of Miami, and I am now a marketing professional for an immigrant investor advisor firm and aerial media production company. Next year, I will also be pursuing my Master’s Degree remotely at the University of Florida for Web Design and Online Communication.

Outside of the professional world, I am a shameless nerd that loves pageants, the environment, and free food. I used to feel like the Asian Hannah Montana. I would read my textbooks backstage at fashion shows and keep my pageant sashes in my backpack for after-school appearances.


Photo by: Brion Price

I’m definitely a go-getter. When I was 13, my mother and I started the Miss Miracle Charity Pageant and Model4Miracles Fashion Show to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This event has become an annual tradition, and we have now raised $120,000 for the cause.


Photo by: Catalina Sommer

I also have a non-profit organization called Teens Go Green, promoting sustainability through unique recycling activities and service events. Our most recent project is teaming up with the Nika K. Hosseini Foundation to raise funds for SPLASH, which will bring solar-powered water purifiers to the Kiburara-Rwembio village in Uganda.


I never expected to do any of these things growing up. I was extremely blessed with a great support system and always felt compelled to do my best in everything no matter the outcome. Growing up, I was insecure with my physical appearance, and would have never believed I could be an international beauty queen or model. I am forever grateful for pageantry as it has instilled so much confidence in me, gave me once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and helped me grow a network of empowering people.


I started competing in pageants when I was 8, but I started to seriously invest in it when I was 13. I’ve been so honored to represent my city, state, and country around the world and meet some of the most amazing people I know today. Hence why I am eager to be interviewing some incredible women that inspire me to continue growing.

I look forward to sharing new articles and interviews soon! You can reach me on Instagram @misselizabethtran to connect.



22 thoughts on “Introducing Elizabeth – The LadyCode’s New Guest Interview Correspondent

  1. Hello Elizabeth!! Let me first start off by saying Thank You for bringing your inspiring story to the #LadyCodeFam !! You are so beautiful just as your story is! I too would say I’m a fellow shameless nerd 🤗 who also enjoys free food! And Makeup!! I’m a mother to four beautiful daughters, three of which are teens. My 3rd daughter just turned 13 yesterday and to hear about what you accomplished at just the exact age as her is incredible👏🏼!, and for such a terrific cause! Thank You!! I plan to read this article to my girls tomorrow morning before school to inspire them as they start their day. My girls have all struggled with body image issues and what helps them most is hearing stories like yours. Thank you for using your story and platform to inspire so many young ladies, including my very own!


  2. One of the things I love about the LadyCode is that it brings together strong, powerful women! It’s nice to meet you, Elizabeth!


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