How To Get BIG, BEACHY CURLS With VOLUME Using a Straightener

Hey dolls!

I’m currently snowed in thanks to good ol’ Stella! This blizzard hit us yesterday and it still hasn’t stopped snowing here in New York. I’m not to upset about it because I am packing my bags for a little weekend getaway this weekend to JAMAICA! I’m so excited to be wearing my new Vizcaya Swimwear bikinis on the beach!

Since I’m always in beach mode, I decided to so a tutorial on how I style beachy waves on myself and my Vizcaya Swimwear models with a hair straightener. I did a full tutorial on this look on my YouTube channel:

Peter Coppola Shampoo & Conditioner:
Peter Coppola Brush & Blow Spray:
Peter Coppola Serum:
T3 Micro Singlepass Straightener:
Big Sexy Hair Dry Spray:
Peter Coppola STEEL Spray:


If you’re in the northeast like me, I hope you are staying safe and warm through this blizzard! XOX

84 thoughts on “How To Get BIG, BEACHY CURLS With VOLUME Using a Straightener

  1. Omg I’ve always struggled trying to get the curls within a straightener!! This tutorial is so helpful!! Thank you so much 💜


  2. Beautiful!! Super helpful for me making my hair look more natural, I’ve been trying to find a way to make my hair have natural curls and this helped so much 🙂


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