Lilly Lashes Band-Less Collection Review

I used to be obsessed with Lilly Lashes! The only lashes I would wear were the “Mykonos” and “Caviar” style lashes, but they got pricey and I realized the quality of the lashes were inconsistent, so I started wearing Flutter Lashes instead (my favorite style is “Intoxicating” and it retails for $9.95). Last week, Lilly Lashes launched a 3-D Bandless lash collection, so I decided to give it a try. I got the style “Arika” because the influencer that designed the lash, Arika Sato, is half Asian like me so I thought it would be the best design for my eye shape. It was also a style very similar to “Mykonos,” my old favorite style from Lilly Lashes.

Watch the video below for a live demo and a closer look at the Lilly Lashes invisible band:

Products mentioned:
Lilly Lashes Arika:
Flutter Lashes Intoxicating:
Revlon Lash Adhesive:

These lashes are great if you want a no-liner look or something more natural. For eyeliner queens like me, I don’t need an invisible band so I won’t be purchasing these again. I was hoping for a thinner, lighter type of band but the band is just as thick as her original lashes.

I hope this review was helpful! Let me know your thoughts on the lashes in the comments below!



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