OMG. How did this year go by so fast? I feel like I JUST did my December 2017 unboxing! This is crazy. Last month, I said November’s BoxyCharm was the best box ever and I think I have to take it back because this month, they put a mini hair straightener in the box. That in itself made my day but there are 4 other full size beauty products in my December 2018 BoxyCharm! Watch the video below to see what we’re getting this month:

If you’re new to BoxyCharm, click here to learn more. Don’t forget that this month I am doing a giveaway every week until Christmas, and I have TWO giveaways hosted on my Instagram ( @Lisa_Opie ) There’s exactly 36 hours left to enter this week’s giveaway on YouTube:

I appreciate your support and I love you so much! Thank you for being a member of the LadyCode community!





  1. I can’t wait to get my box! I’m so so excited! I almost missed it this month, LOL. I definitely missed the Boxuxe, but I’m glad I did not miss the Boxycharm! 😅 I really hope I get the variation with the hair straightener in it, my 13-year-old would love it! She hates her baby hairs, LOL


  2. I think this while year of boxycharm was just amazong im so happy the added boxylux whivh is what im gettimg this month i cantttttttt wait


  3. Ahh I still haven’t recieved my boxy charm yet this month. It’s only my 2nd month getting it, but after seeing all the unboxing I had to get a subscription!


  4. Yay! I have to say, I loved December’s Boxy Luxe!!
    The mini straightener will be great for touch ups on the go but I cannot tell yet if I am going to be able to do a whole looks with it alone on vacations etc. We’ll have to see on that one!


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