Favorite Fall Footwear Trends

The fall season is in full swing, and we have been loving everything about the fashion styles trending for the season. Whether it’s been the throwback ‘90s garb or the totally retro ‘70s looks, we have embraced nearly every trend with open arms. It’s just so much fun to continuously change up your wardrobe and try to adapt every trend to fit your personal style. Don’t you agree?

With all of the fabulous fall fashions we have been wearing, we cannot forget to give some praise to the footwear. It seems that almost every girl can’t help but say yes to a pair of shoes when she loves them, and this season, we felt like we were falling in love over and over! With bold boot options and fun retro silhouettes, there have been plenty of fall footwear looks to keep us googly-eyed all season long. With that being said, we only feel it’s appropriate to do a post recognizing our absolute favorite shoe styles that have been popular this fall.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Thigh-high boots aren’t new this season, but they’re definitely much more popular! Whereas only the confident fashionistas dared to pull these off, they’re now just about everywhere you look. And for good reason. This fierce footwear choice adds instant edge and a pinch of sex appeal to just about any outfit you pair it with. Just check out all of the cool ways you can wear them on Trend Spotter—they’re impossibly stylish!

Thick Heels

Next up on our favorites list are those retro ‘70s-inspired thick-heeled shoes. Basically every type of shoe we already loved got this funky upgrade, from booties to strappy heels. There is no doubt that these shoes are retro-feeling, but when designers mixed in modern details to these styles, we got a very new and very fun shoe to wear.


Slipper Shoes

Sleepwear blew up this season. There were pajama shirts trending and slouchy PJ pants to match. And to complete the ensemble, there were slipper-like shoes being released by all the major designers. Some were furry, and some just had the slip-on quality. However, all of them were definitely crossing over from bedtime to party time. Gucci has released a lot of furry styles on Lyst, and a pair of their furry loafers became a total status symbol.


Velvet Shoes

One fabric trend that has stood out this fall is velvet. What was once a luxe material is now appropriate for everyday wear. Velvet became the go-to detail to add to your outfit if you were needing some texture, and wearing velvet shoes is one of the best ways to do it. It’s the perfect gateway trend if you don’t want to go all-out with it. Check out the velvet platforms on Bustle if you need an idea how to wear this trend.


Which fall footwear trend is your favorite so far? Is there one that you are too scared to try?

11 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Footwear Trends

  1. Omgg I’ve been wanting a pair of thigh high boots so badly! They are so classy and gorgeous, and I love how you can dress them up or down 😍😍
    You look awesome in them girl! This whole post just reminds me of how I need to get some cute new shoes and boots ASAP! 😄😂😂 Love you and your blog darling!!😘💋💕💕


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