A Call to Action: Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Today I went back to Clean the World to volunteer my time. This is one of my favorite organizations to volunteer with. Their mission is so simple yet so impactful – they recycle amenities like soap from local hotels and business and distribute it worldwide in order to combat the spread of disease.  www.cleantheworld.org


Today when I arrived, they notified me that they needed emergency volunteers due to the destruction from Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. I put a call into my Leadership Program and to my sorority sisters and within an hour, I received countless calls and texts from people wanting to help.

Although these volunteers had plenty to worry about themselves as the hurricane is headed our way, it was incredible to see how many people eagerly volunteered their time, putting their own safety on hold in order to help others in dire need. This is what philanthropy is all about!



Thank you to the sisterhood of Pi Beta Phi and the Lead Scholars Program at UCF for volunteering your time and answering the call to action. It’s challenging times like this that make us realize how meaningful volunteerism can be.

If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact Gabi Norris, Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@cleantheworld.org, or if you cannot physically donate your time, you can always make a financial donation. Visit https://cleantheworld.org/forms/donation-form/ to learn more.

Check out this short clip from today!

~Char ❤


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