The Art of Being: Its Simple. Take a Walk.

Lets be honest. The reality of the life that many of us live revolves around a basic routine: Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat. Too IMG_0740 (2)often we find ourselves absorbed by the city lights, rush hour, the standard work hours, meetings, the pressure to meet deadlines, and … life as it is. We become immersed to a life that revolves around trying to defeat the clock. However, life, as the clock, does not stop for anyone. We accept the challenge of trying to be in two places at once, or trying to do too much that we forget to ENJOY those seconds that life, as the clock, has granted us. It is for this reason that it is essential to – at least once in your lifetime – take a break. Not just any break, but a break from everything and experience the art of being.

In the Spring of 2015 I had the opportunity of walking 90 miles of El Camino De Santiago in Spain. Imagine being surrounded by nothing but green grass, windmills in the distance, the sound of the wind and birds chirping and the sound of water running through ancient rocks. Not a car in sight. The sky as blue as you’ve ever seen it. The crunching sound of rocks underneath your shoes and the warmth of the sun hugging you and welcoming you to the world. Your world. Your universe. You can finally see it, embrace it, and love it.

While I’d highly recommend a visit to El Camino (at some point in your lifetime) a similar nature walk may be right at your very own fingertips! Explore your city and discover nature inspired parks and turn this into an exploration to experience the art of being.IMG_0862 (2)

1. Remind yourself of who you are

This might sound silly…but you’ll find yourself talking to yourself…maybe even out loud. You’ll have a moment to do some self-reflection and perhaps even congratulate yourself for the many accomplishments you’ve achieved thus far. You work hard, take a break and appreciate yourself for all that you have become. You deserve it!

2. Mental Clarity

While on a nature walk you’ll find yourself running out of thoughts. This is simply indescribable and truly the ultimate stress reliever. You’ll be surprised to know what it feels like to be off the internet and communications radar.Believe me, you’ll be out there making life changing decisions!

3. Embrace the beauty of life and nature!

Forget the daily routine back home. Embrace the scenery and sounds of nature. Focus not on reaching the end but in embracing the moment.

Why contemplate it? Pack your backpack and take a walk!

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