What is your relaxation haven?

Everything has been overwhelmingly busy lately.  My day was planned out in my agenda almost by the hour and if anything did not go according to plan, it caused me to be late for the other things I had on the schedule.  Not to mention that the awful traffic especially during rush hour is not helping the situation at all. With the daily stress accumulating and living in today’s chaotic society what happens if you don’t unplug yourself, rewind, and recharge your batteries?

Well, I was definitely reaching my breaking point. Too many coffees during the day were making me agitated to the point that even if I had a few minutes to relax my mind was still running. My brain kept on going thinking about the next project, or what I have to do afterwards…etc.  In other words I was becoming a machine, being programed to follow along the schedule without really being myself.

It was time to stop!

I was introduced  to a place, which I now call my relaxation haven. When I go there the ambient, the smells, and the energy make time stop and transport me to a place where I can unwind and relax.

The Standard

You might be wondering what this  is… well The Standard is a spa hotel where you can become a member and  enjoy the spa amenities, gym, as well as bar and lounge.

Hallway 005

The ambient at The Standard is what first caught my eye. The moment you walk in the aromatherapy smells are sensed throughout the room. As you make your way to the elevator which takes you to the spa on the overhead there is soft spa relaxing music playing, birds chirping. A very quiet atmosphere. The hosts are very welcoming and almost everyone speaks in a low relaxed voice without rush.

The overall vibe of the place is very relaxed. The lobby has dim, warm lights with comfy chairs where you can read,  relax, or meet with a friend. It is a great quiet place to even go to and get some work, projects, etc done.



The Spa

The moment I walked in I fell in love with the spa. On the 3rd floor there is the gym and spa.  I started my routine by working out and doing a light warm up at the gym to boost up my energy for the day. Along with the gym there are also classes that are offered such as yoga or pilates.

After the gym I went to the spa.  The spa has the Hamam mud lounge, aroma steam room, cedar sauna, skin care clinic. First I went to the Aroma steam room. Unlike other steam rooms that I have been to the smells here from the aroma were strong and it helped me relax. The temperature was very high and even though I was laying down I could not stay for long.

Afterwards I rinsed off and went to the sauna.  I brought with me my new Scrub that I got at Whole Foods (all organic). I applied the scrub while in the sauna and just relaxed. Finally, they have another room, (bath room) where you can lay, relax, and pamper yourself.  I applied my pearl mask from Sephora and laid out to cool off from the sauna.

There are also facials and massages offered. A massage is on my to do list there very soon 🙂

Steam_Sauna 008

Mud_Area_Model 043

Meditation_Circle 003


At the end I felt rejuvenated and relaxed. This was much needed for me to break off from all the stress. As this was my beauty day, I did not get to explore the bar/lounge area. However, I walked through and it looked magical. It is a great place to go to on a date or just for girls night.


The Pool




The Gardens






This is my relaxation haven. Here I fell relaxed, safe, and calm. The time stops and I am no longer a machine working around my agenda. I get to enjoy time with myself and slow down from the crazy commotions of the world.

If you are in town (New York, Los Angeles, or Miami) you should stop by! ❤

What is your relaxation haven?



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