DIY Coffee Scrub!

If you’ve been on Instagram at any point during the last six months, I’m sure your feed has been bombarded with several Insta-babes posting selfies covered in coffee grinds, covering their lady bits with a brown paper bag. Should you jump on the bandwagon of this new coffee scrub phenomenon? I say yes, but there’s no need to spend $20+international shipping+3 weeks wait to get into this coffee craze.

Here is a DIY recipe for your instant coffee scrub, to give your skin an energy boost and repair over time. I swear by this recipe and use it to keep my skin glowing for photo shoots and important events!

Things you will need: 

DIY coffee scrub blog

-Coffee grinds (if they’re used, better!)


-Coconut oil (or substitute with Extra Virgin Olive Oil)


Step 1:



Brew coffee as you normally would with a filter. Don’t throw out the grinds!

Step 2:



Dump out the used grinds from the filter into a container/jar.


Step 3: 


Add half a spoonful of ground cinnamon into the mix


Step 4:


Add two level spoonfuls of coconut oil into the jar. Add an extra spoonful for extra moisture!


Step 5: 

DIY coffee scrub blog

Mix it all up!


Step 6: 


Massage the mixture all over your body! Your body instantly feels smoother and energized. This scrub is totally safe to use on your face and is actually recommended!

Rinse off with warm water. This scrub is messy, but its worth it!

DIY coffee scrub


Useful tips: 

-Got it in your hair? Add more! Coconut oil works wonders for your dry ends.

-Save some of this for early mornings. Apply only under eyes for 2-3 minutes and wipe off with a tissue to keep puffiness at bay

-Use a damp warm washcloth to wipe off the scrub for results that last all day!



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