My favorite anti-aging trick

Hello Lady Code readers!

It’s Melissa’s Motivational Monday. ❤


My intention was to put out a great video, but things did not go quite as planned.

I’m currently on a huge road trip which means that things are always changing. Plans? Completely useless at this point, it seems! All my good ideas about “where” and “when” are being challenged with car troubles, random urges to explore ‘unplanned’ places, and feeling drowsy on the road.


With that being said, here is what I have to say about anti-aging:

We all know the fundamentals – get good quality sleep, hydrate properly, eat right, and don’t put toxic products on your skin.

But my favorite tool is this: incorporate more joy into your life. Find that thing that makes you come alive and DO IT.

Stress less. Find a way to let things go that aren’t serving you. Learn to handle the stress that is a part of your life (whatever that means to you).

Melissa’s real life example: when my car broke down in the middle of Wisconsin, Minnesota, AND Canada, I didn’t get stressed out. I kind of laughed. Like, “REALLY? This is my journey right now?! OK, let’s experience what life throws at us to the fullest.”

Remember, life is about the journey and these are the moments that make life interesting 🙂


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