In Full Bloom

sammies headwear lisa opie lady code


Happy July 1!

Summer is here in full bloom and I couldn’t be more excited that it’s my favorite season! I know we are all dying to show off our new summer wardrobes. One of my favorite accessories for the season has become the flower crown! Thanks to the popularity of music festivals, a lot of today’s fashion has become inspired by the colorful, crafty, and creative elements of music festival fashion. Thank goodness!

I got my flower crown from Sammie’s Headwear. Ordering from her was the best decision ever–she sent my crown with an adorable note and a handmade bracelet! The little things are everything. I love this crown, The Joker, because its so earthy and boho! You can wear flower crowns with your every day look, but don’t leave home without it if you’re going to a music festival.


sammies headwear lisa opie lady code


Flower Crown: 






sammies headwear lisa opie lady code













PHOTOS: David Jones/Silent Emotion


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