Miss USA 2014 Recap

With an NBA finals game, the Tony Awards, and Miss USA 2014 all broadcasting in the same night, we can understand if you missed the Miss USA 2014 pageant! Don’t worry! Lady Code has you covered. This year, the beauty pageant transitioned from its traditional Las Vegas location to Baton Rouge. Of course, the pageant also shifted themes as well. Contestants wore Mardi Gras themed masks for their introductions, and the stage was all decked out with a Bourbon Steet, French Quarter theme. With celebrity judges from Lance Bass to Barbara Palacios and hosted by Guiliana Rancic, this production was star-studded as usual!

TOP 20:

Virginia- Arielle Rosmarino

North Dakota- Audra Mari

Georgia- Tiana Griggs
Indiana – Mekayla Diehl

Tennessee- Kristy Landers Niedenfuer
Florida- Brittany Oldehoff
California- Cassandra Kunze


Alabama- Jesica Ahlberg
Nevada- Nia Sanchez

Arizona- Jordan Wessel

Maryland – Taylor Burton
Minnesota- Haley O’Brien

Oklahoma – Brooklynne Young
New Jersey- Emily Shah

Louisiana- Brittany Guidry
Iowa- Carlyn Braderich
Nebraska- Amanda Soltero


Wisconsin – Bishara Dorre
Pennsylvania- Valerie Gatto
South Carolina- Christina Zapolski

Award winning country artists Florida Georgia Line performed during the swimwear competition.

TOP 10


Florida– Brittany Oldehoff
North Dakota– Audra Mari

Georgia– Tiana Griggs
Maryland– Taylor Burton

California– Cassandra Kunze
South Carolina– Christina

Iowa- Carlyn Bradarich
Wisconsin– Bishara Dorre

Miss Usa 2014
Nevada– Nia Sanchez
Louisiana– Brittany Guidry


TOP 6: 

Georgia: If Miss Georgia had 30 seconds to say anything to the political leaders of the world, she said she would tell them to lead their country by faith, and that it is important to work together rather than against each other. Miss Georgia had a little stumble from nervousness at the end of her question, finishing with: “…That’s just what I would say!”


Louisiana: Miss Louisiana had a very tough question, regarding Obama releasing five Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo, in exchange for an American soldier who was held hostage in Afghanistan. She responded by saying that she is “happy to get the guy back..” but that she doesn’t think negotiating with terrorists are okay.

Nevada: Miss Nevada was asked about an increase in sexual assaults on universities campuses, and why she thinks the issue continues to go unaddressed. She answered by saying that universities are most likely ashamed of the reputation that would come out of addressing sexual assualt. She said that raising awareness can prevent it as well as self defense.


Florida: Miss Florida was asked what sets her apart from the other contestants. She answered that she is different because her father passed away, and that she would work to raise awareness for the condition that he suffered from.

North Dakota: Miss North Dakota was asked if college educations are still important today. She responded by stating that college education more important than ever since its hard to even get a job, even with a degree.

Iowa: Iowa was asked if our current generation has is more narcissistic than ever, and if so, what is causing it? Miss Iowa responds by saying that social media is the primary cause of narcissism in our generation.




5th Runner Up: IOWA

4th Runner Up: FLORIDA

3rd Runner Up: LOUISIANA

2nd Runner Up: GEORGIA

1st Runner Up: NORTH DAKOTA


Miss USA 2014



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