Hydrate your skin

Keeping your skin hydrated is aesthetically appealing as well as good for your skin’s health! During the cold winter months it is especially important that you attend to your skin and provide the moisture necessary.  Each and everyone’s skin routine is different, depending on the type of skin, sensitivity, etc. For those that normally have dry skin, the cold season makes everything worse as your skin dries out more than usual. If you don’t properly take care of your dry skin, its condition will worsen, leading to unwanted problems.

There is a regime for every type of skin that is beneficial towards keeping it healthy! Here is how to care for your dry skin 🙂

  • Moisturize your body

In the morning, apply a moisturizing lotion of your choice over your entire body. This will make sure to keep it hydrated throughout the entire day. If you repeat this process consistently, the skin will be always hydrated therefore it is less likely to get dry. Use a body lotion for your whole body and for the face, it is recommended that you use a moisturizing face lotion for the day.

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  • Use body Oils 

Body oils are recommended for dry skin as they have a very rich consistency. Morrocan Body Oil is one of the most recommended ones. It will keep your skin hydrated and give it excess moisture that will replenish dry skin. Another little secret is to mix some of these oils with your body lotion. When mixed together, a higher intake of moisture will be absorbed by your skin, therefore your skin will be hydrated for longer.

  • It all comes from the inside

This is one of the most important tips. Taking care of the exterior is not always key towards improving your skin’s condition, sometimes it all comes from the inside. What you put in your body reflects on your exterior appearance. Most importantly to combat dry skin, remember to stay hydrated. Having a good intake of water is essential towards your skin. It is recommended that you drink between 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day.

  • Let’s not overdo it

Remember not to go overboard with your water intake. Too much water can dehydrate you as well. Although this may sound confusing, it can be very damaging for dry skin. For those that have dry skin, it is not recommended to take baths or showers in water that is very hot. If the water is too hot it will only worsen the dryness. Preferably for dry skin, shorter showers are recommended as well as with water that is medium to cold,

  • Don’t forget the lips

Whether you have dry skin or not, your lips could suffer from it as well. Take care of your lips accordingly, especially during the cold, winter months. Using a good lip moisturizer is important as it will keep them hydrated. You can apply it regularly as needed, whenever you feel like your lips are getting dry. Avoid biting or peeling your lips, as this can lead to bleeding as well as only worsen the condition.

  • Protect your dry hands

If you have dry skin overall, our hands will suffer the most as they are exposed to the cold more so than other parts of your body. Mostly for everyone the skin on the hands is the most dry. It is recommended that you use an intensive moisturizing lotion. You can keep this with you in your purse, so that it is available to be applied whenever necessary. If it is very cold outside, it is recommended that you use gloves so that your hands will be protected from the cold.

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  • Moisturize in the evening

In the evening, after a long shower (it is also recommended that you exfoliate during the shower, this will improve your dry skin condition), apply a moisturizing lotion over your whole body. During the night, while your body rests this will absorb in the body improving and repairing the dry condition. In the morning, it is recommended to apply lotion again so that your body will be constantly hydrated.

  • Get enough rest

If your body is healthy and well taken care of, so is your skin. Make sure to get enough rest especially after a long exhausting day. It is recommended that you sleep around 8 hours per night. This will help your body energize as well as your skin cells will be able to regenerate.




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