Maintain your weight on vacation!!

Summer is over and now we are all making plans for fall and winter break! With the holiday season approaching, Lady Code is here to help you make healthy choices during your days off, without eating like a rabbit and spending hours at the gym!!


water bottle

Avoid drinking soda. Drinking soda can lead to obesity, kidney damage, and certain cancers. Drink water instead! Staying hydrated with water will make you feel more clean and refreshed!


Avoid this by drinking water instead!
Avoid this by drinking water instead!

It is best to completely cut out alcohol from your diet, but we understand that it is vacation and you still want to have fun! Opt for wine in moderation if you must drink and try to avoid hard liquor and sugary drink mixes. Drinking can also lead to unhealthy eating habits (craving greasy food after a night of drinking?).


Don't touch these!
Don’t touch these!

NEVER take the elevator and always take the stairs! I can not emphasize this enough-it will make a difference in the long term!


make room for those huge clunky shoes!
Make room for those huge clunky shoes!

Yes, you do have time. Make is a priority to go to the gym for only 30 minutes per day while you are on vacation. It is ONLY 30 minutes of your day! PACK your gym shoes, socks, and workout gear. Just knowing that you wasted precious suitcase space on your huge gym shoes should be enough motivation to go at least once!


Drink plenty of water! Water will keep your system flushed, moderate your metabolism, and it will make you feel full! I can not stress how important it is to drink plenty of water (not iced tea, not lemonade, not juice..WATER).


Swimming, snorkeling, hiking, surfing, kayaking, skiing, biking… anything! Get off that chair, off your phone and be active! Take the initiative and encourage the people you are with to go on a walk with you, or plan a half-day trip to explore your destination on foot!

Hiking on vacation is AWESOME!
Hiking on vacation is AWESOME!


Kayaking is awesome and a great work out for your back!
Kayaking is awesome and a great work out for your back!

We hope these minor changes will help you maintain your weight during the holiday season! Remember, what works for us may not work for you! What changes will you make to stay healthy during the holidays? Comment below!

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