L’ANZA Healing Haircare Part II

The Healing Smooth Line offered by L’ANZA focuses on calming frizz and smoothing hair for a healthy glossy finish. While it makes hair shiny, it also heals, seals, and protects damaged hair due to the innovative Keratin Healing System. The products this line offers contain Organic Coix Seed which smooth out curls and give hair lustrous radiance.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 7.30.40 PM


The Healing Smooth Straightening Balm blocks humidity while it straightens curls, waves, and stops frizz. It adds a glossy sheen to the style and reduces drying time. This healthy non-chemical method also protects from heat and UV rays as it maintains internal moisture. Its formula is designed to preserve haircolor.

This product is versatile as it accomplishes many tasks. Its main focus is to diminish frizz and straighten waves but while it does that it also focuses on eliminating drying time or time spent flat ironing. This ultimately makes hair healthier because it is exposed to less heat. The unique formula of this product gives hair a glossy finish while it does not make it oily, regardless of the hair type.

How to use: Apply to clean, damp hair. Comb through. Blow dry with a brush for smoothness.

The results are amazing 🙂 When it comes to hair, it is hard for me to be easily convinced! However, this straightening balm met my expectations. I was happy with the results!

The Healing Smooth Thermal Defense Spray is a heat and humidity protector which delivers strong, all-day control as it prevents frizz and adds shine. The main purpose of this product is to protect hair from the damaging heat that it is exposed to while blow drying, curing, or flat ironing. It can be used prior to styling for any style you want to achieve.

How to use: Apply to damp or dry hair. Blow dry and follow with flat iron if desired.

With regular use, this product will maintain your hair healthy and split ends will be reduced or eliminated. I for one, use heat on my hair daily regardless that it is from the hair dryer or the flat iron! While using this product, I noticed that the time to flat iron my hair was considerably shortened and that my hair looks healthier when the style is finished, rather than looking dry and without moisture.

The combination of these products will do wonders for your hair!



*pictures from http://www.lanza.com*

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