Delightfully Nurturing: Relax after a long day of traveling

Sundays are usually meant to relax. Sunday is the day when everything winds down, and you get a chance to detach yourself from the commotion of the outside world and enjoy time alone or with family.

Unfortunately for me, my sunday was nothing like that! I spent the day traveling, rushing from one plane to the other. My flight had a layover that was very short and I had to run from one terminal to another. Finally, I landed to my destination, however that was not the end of my trip. I had another two hour drive awaiting me, and only then I made it to my apartment.

Although I was home, I felt exhausted and tense. The thoughts of the busy week coming ahead of me were just adding to my stress. Then I had a bright thought: What other best way would be to relax, than to have a spa night.

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I went and turned on the hot water to fill my tub and I added my Dove Nutrium Moisture cream body wash in the water to add foam. This new formula has exfoliating beads which enhance skin’s beauty. This fluffy pearlescent creme formula transforms into a  lush lather and allows the highest concentration of moisture to deliver essential lipids to the skin. 

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As I am waiting for the tub to fill,  to make the ambient more relaxed I lighted some candles (my favorites are the fresh cotton, and flower bouquet) and I also brought my honeysuckle diffuser in the bathroom so that the aroma irradiated would fill the room and contribute to my relaxation.  To me the bathroom should be a haven where I can unwind and relax. The aroma the candles emanate, the foamy water,  the creams and oils spoil me and eliminate the stress.

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I would also like to introduce you to my new favorite skin product. I have recently received as a gift a new skin cleansing set by Charmzone Pleasium (cleansing cream & foam cleansing cream). Utilizing skin technology and new nutrients, Charmzone Pleasium makes the skin feel young. It contains abundant nutrients extracted from honey combs to make the skin feel healthy, resilient and clean to the touch.

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The Cleansing Cream, deeply cleans skin, providing nutrients to make it healthy and reinforce moisturization.  How to use: spread an adequate amount of cleansing cream over the entire face gently, then wipe off with a clean tissue. 

The Foam Cleansing Cream, maintains the skin fresh and healthy due to the ingredients: honey, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, royal jelly extract, paeonia suffruticosa root extract.  How to use: after wetting the face, take an adequate amount of foam cleansing cream and massage gently onto face. Rinse thoroughly with water. 

The purity of the ingredients are absorbed into my skin and also the nutrients from the Hive-complexes. This ensures that the skin is deeply cleaned from the impurities and dust accumulated throughout the day. I like these products because not only do they clean but they also moisturize my skin.

I believe that keeping your skin moisturized is key for a youthful appearance. Although those who have an oily complexion hate it when they are younger, oily skin ages slower and is less prone to wrinkles. Regardless of the skin complexion you have, Moisturize!! 

To finish my spa night off, right before going to bed I applied my Lumene firming night cream. This velvety cream helps fortify the skin’s structure during the night maintaining it youthful and moisturized. ( I also use the Lumene firming day cream, which has SPF 15).

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This at home spa night, helped me shake off the stress of the day and relax. I felt light as a feather and went to sleep.

This morning I woke up, more relaxed than ever and filled with energy for this busy week I have coming ahead.

this stress relieving recipe is enjoyable and the products are amazing…. you should try it too!!

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