One step closer to defy bullying

Today was a very emotional day for Lisa and I as we shared our bullying stories while filming our first anti-bullying video.
VSP Worldwide productions was kind enough to allow us to use their studio to film our video.
It was very difficult for us to share our stories, as this is a very sensitive subject for the both of us. We reminisced on our past, me being a former bully and Lisa being bullied. This stirred up a lot of feelings that were bottled up inside. It brought us to tears. Rohan Williams of VSP Worldwide Productions, was extremely understanding and kind with us, helping us gather our thoughts when it got hard to share and put a smile on our face throughout the day!
We hope that by sharing our stories from two different perspectives, we will inspire and motivate other victims of bullying to stand up for themselves, and as for the bullies to realize the damage they are causing! The feeling of regret is the hardest punishment. You cannot rewind the past to make up for your actions, but you can decide today to change.
The superficial, meaningless words and actions of bullies should not stop you from attaining your goals!


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