Q&A: How can I avoid damaging my hair while still using hot tools?


I want to minimize the damage that my hair is exposed to but I constantly use hot tools. I tried using a heat protection spray but that sometimes makes my hair greasy.  What do you suggest I do in order to keep my hair healthy yet still be able to style it?

– Carmen

A:  Hi Carmen,

I know that it can be a real challenge to maintain long, healthy hair while still using hot tools.  If you want healthy hair, it is important that you get rid of all your split ends.  If not cut split ends worsen and grow along the hair shaft towards the root causing your hair to break. Getting small (1/2 in) trims every few months can keep your hair healthy while maintaining the length.  When it comes to hot tools, the best way to protect your hair  is by using a heat protector.  If using the right brands and the right amount it should not make your hair greasy. A little goes a long way! Here are some brands I would recommend: Wella, Alterna, Moroccan Oil, Fekkai, Goldwell.  All of the brands mentioned above offer the spray or cream heat protectant, whichever you prefer, personally I would recommend the spray! When blow drying your hair make sure you keep the hair dryer at least 8 in away from your hair. It is very important that you NEVER use the flat or curl iron on wet hair as this burns off your hair. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before using either of these tools.

When finished add serum on the length of your hair towards the roots, as this will give it shine and a finishing touch!

Hope this works for you!





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