One on One with Andrea Calle: MMA Reporter and Fitness Competitor

Andrea Calle
Andrea Calle is a Colombian Fitness Competitor and Award Winning MMA Broadcaster. She has a B.A. in International Finance and Marketing from the University of Miami. She is a published model, extremely bright, beautiful, inspiring and fit. Read on to find out more about Andrea!
About Andrea…
Name: Andrea Calle
 May 9th
Occupation(s): MMA reporter, fitness competitor
Andrea’s favorite… 

”If God is with me who can be against me. ” and “Smile it may change someone’s day”
 Black and pink
Accessory: I’m simple in jewelry 

 Think and Grow Rich
Workout: Kickboxing and lower body
You are very beautiful! What is your ethnicity? Thank you, 100% colombian, born and raised
Have you always wanted to be a model? No, I wanted to be a celebrity (actress when i was a little girl but never a model)
How did you end up in this industry? I was doing a masters and a friend told me I could do modeling in my free time since I couldn’t really work because of school
What would you consider to be your major breakthroughs thus far?

 Being the Best MMA Personality of 2012 was really big for me
Are there any misconceptions about the world of modeling that you’d like to clear up?

 Many, but one is that not all models are dumb and easy.
Andrea CalleWhat inspired you to become a fitness icon?
 Alistair Overeem, a really close friend and MMA fighter, told me  that I should challenge myself and see what being so committed to something would change my life, and it totally did and here I am, a totally new person
Do you have any dieting or fitness advice? Train daily, eat clean, challenge yourself
What do you love most about your career? The people I have gotten to meet

Are there any downfalls to the lifestyle you lead? It’s hard to have a relationship, a person that understands and supports what I do.
Lady Code is passionate about ending bullying. Is there any advice you would like to give to someone who may be going through bullying at school? That in hard times it is always a big help to know that God has a perfect plan, that if they are going through something like this now HE has a big purpose for that and for them. Leave all your problems in HIS hands and focus on the great things that life holds for them.
Name one mistake you have made on the way to your current success that you have learned from: Not having made a long term plan. Its important to know where you are going so your current decisions don’t affect your future plans.
In the next five years, where do you hope to see yourself? As an inspiration for other people in what is a healthy living, being able to make a bigger impact on the charities I stand for, and with a beautiful family

Who are your inspirations and why?Oprah Winfrey, because she has used her money to make a difference in peoples’ lives
If you could tell us three interesting things about yourself, what would they be? I am very smart, funny, and with so much love to give 🙂
Is there anything you’d recommend to girls to help them be the most beautiful and successful version of themselves?  Remember that every NO, takes you closer to that bigger YES. Never stop dreaming, focus on your dreams and turn them in to a reality. Let your passion be your source of income so you are the best in what you do, and you can do it for pleasure and not as an obligation
Andrea CalleAndrea Calle

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