SNATCHED By LadyCode: The Face Palette

Hi queens!

On August 27th I launched my first ever palette, Snatched by LadyCode, for pre-order. In case you missed it, here is my first first with Snatched introducing you to this multipurpose face palette:

This palette is intended for use on any part of your face, so you can use any of the colors foreyeshadow, contour, highlight, blush, and bronzer. I wanted a palette that I can take with me anywhere without having to pack a million different palettes only to use a shade from each one.

I worked on this palette for months and built it from absolutely nothing, so the packaging, formula, and colors are all completely custom formulated! Of course this palette has a mirror, and is vegan and cruelty free.

Watch how some of my favorite influencers get SNATCHED with LadyCode:




It was so important for me to make this palette suitable for EVERYONE, and even though I was limited to 6 colors for this product, I know that this is a palette that is taking a big step showing that it is possible to have a totally inclusive face product.

Are you ready to get SNATCHED? All pre-orders are shipping out early next week- click here to be one of the first to have this iconic palette: 



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