LisaLIPS: The LIP Code by LadyCode

Okay, keeping a secret is really hard, and THIS project was almost impossible to keep under wraps! I’m super pumped to share what I’ve been working on and investing in this past year. Here’s the full video of me trying on and swatching each shade:

I dropped my #LisaLIPS collection today! This lip collection is a set of high pigment glosses and liners in 3 blendable shades. They’re intended to mix and match so have fun with them!


Paris is the most gorgeous, deep red with a brown undertone that can be worm alone or mixed with Tokyo (my favorite combo) 


Barcelona is the perfect everyday pink to add a pop of color to your look. It’s pink, but not too pink- you’ll see what I mean in the photo below:


Tokyo is the cutest pink nude. Nude lips never looked so good! This shade is essential for every girl because it can be mixed with any color for a fuller effect. 


Thank you so much for following my journey and supporting me through this. Investing everything I have into a cosmetic line was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but I know that you will LOVE these products! You can shop the full collection here:



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