Nuface Fix Review + First Impressions

Okay, so I’m like obsessed with skincare. I do routine peels, botox, fillers here and there, and protect my skin to keep its maintained. Turning 29, I wanted to start taking extra measures to take care of my skin and this is where the Nuface Fix came into my life. The Nuface brand, available at Sephora, has rave reviews on all of their popular face lifting, contouring and skin tightening products. I am so happy to be living in this modern age where I have options other than going under the knife to keep my skin looking tight and lifted.

Nuface sent me their Nuface Fix device to try. This device is a mascara-sized microcurrent tool that smooths fine lines, wrinkles and gives fuller-looking lips within 6 minutes of using! The perfect additon to your skincare and make-up prep! Here is my full review:

I love the prep and glow wipes because for busy (and kinda lazy) women like me, its so easy to just sweep this over my face and be ready for my treatment. The Fix serum is super refreshing and has a glowy, tightening effect. The Nuface Fix device seals the deal and really puts in the work to give me a lifted, tightened, and contoured.

The bottom line: I love this product! I think for people in their late 20’s and early 30’s it is absolutely perfect for aging prevention and maintenance.

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