Get Ready With Me for HIS Birthday! Social Distancing Edition


Last night I surprised my fiance Franz for his birthday by having his favorite restaurant and lounge open up just for us! It was the first time we went somewhere other than the grocery store in about 8 weeks, so it was a major deal for us. Get ready with me as I do my hair and finishing touches for our romantic date! He was so so happy and it made me super happy knowing I basically made his year. Here’s all the tea on my look:

Mermaid waves hair tutorial:

Get ready with me-Finishing touches:

all the deets:

Lace Face Mask:
DZ Sunless Foaming Mousse & Bronzed Bombshell Powder:
Zodiac Pendants:
My CZ Ring:
Payot Hand Cream:
Colorwow Root Touch Up:
Hair Charm Stack:
Use code LADYCODE for $$ off!

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