Carly Meek | Attorney, Model, Philanthropist, and Mrs. Florida United States!

carly3-e1558574701129.jpgI had the pleasure of meeting Carly three years ago at my Model4Miracles Fashion Show. She was supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and modeling one of our designers C&D Pageantry’s lovely gowns. The following year, she wanted to actually sponsor one of the kids from the hospital. She was not able to attend, but she still sponsored the child, which I found so touching.

Oftentimes, especially in the world of pageantry and modeling, we seek recognition and validation in the public eye. But Carly was only seeking to help, and I was glad to see last year she was able to attend, sponsor a Miracle Child, and award them as a Miracle Supermodel on stage.

Since then, I have followed Carly’s modeling journey. She has had covers and spreads in COPA Style and Gladys Magazine, and has walked numerous fashion shows from New York and beyond. This is all while she is an attorney and Mrs. Florida United States. It is impressive how she is able to balance her career and passions. I was able to get more insight in the interview below.


E: What do most people know you for? 

C: In the pageant community, it would be having the great honor to be Mrs. Florida United States. In my career, it would be as legal counsel for a municipality. In my personal life, it would be my love and loyalty to my family and my service to my community.

E: Were there any obstacles to overcome in your path to success?

C: I came from humble beginnings and worked full-time and went to school at night to become an attorney. I also worked hard to win Mrs. Florida. Nothing has come easy, but I believe it makes the moments when I achieve my goal that much sweeter!

E: Did you think you would be doing what you do now as a kid? 

C: I never thought I would win a pageant. I felt a little shy as a kid. I also was not aware of Mrs. pageants until a few years ago so I honestly thought I missed the opportunity. As for being an attorney, there is a picture of me as a kid, around 12, dressed like an attorney. I became serious about my legal pursuit as soon as I started college at 18.

E: How do you deal with people that try to put you down?                                                    C: I ignore them and stay far away. Along my journey I have come across many people who told me I would not achieve success. I truly believe that people only have the power you give them.


E: What advice would you give to someone reading this article? 

C: Work hard and chase your dreams!

E: What do you plan to do in the future?             

C: I plan to keep on chasing my modeling dream. In my professional career, I hope to become a judge.

E: What is a typical week for you?                        

C: I work full time as a municipal attorney. If I am not at work, I am spending time with my wonderful husband.

E: How did you reach this level of success?                                                                       

C: I worked hard and never gave up. I surrounded myself with positive people and things.

E: How have you been able to empower women through your platform?

C: My platform is all about helping women in need of prenatal care. My platform ensures that mothers have what they need to give their babies a Healthy Start. I believe this program empowers women to be great mothers and to give back to their communities.

E: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

C: I am always looking for fun modeling opportunities or causes to make appearances at. Please feel free to contact me through my Facebook page on my journey to Mrs. United States.

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