Beauty Blender RE-DEW Set + Refresh Spray Review + GIVEAWAY!

When Beauty Blender reached out to me with an invitation to attend their RE-DEW Set & Refresh Spray launch party in Miami, I knew I had to attend because 1- I love Beauty Blender, and 2- I love networking with other fabulous influencers! It turned out that this was the event to BE at because every major beauty influencer was there. I had a few fangirl moments lol.

Let’s get to today’s product: The new RE-DEW Set & Refresh Spray and their violet swirl blender. The RE-DEW is not your regular old setting spray, this doubles down as a makeup refresher. I know what you’re thinking: Any setting spray can work as a refresher-more on this later.

Watch my Beauty Blender setting spray first impressions:

Did it work? Yes and no. My immediate results were amazing. I noticed my skin looked fresh and dewy and my makeup looked flawless with no trace of cakiness. It works as a refresher for sure.

My issue was that after about 2 hours, my makeup started to wear down. It was not cute..I’m talking creases, flaky looking, and splotchy. I filmed my first impressions video but I realized (when it was too late) that it does NOT work too well as a setting spray.

The bottom line: 

RE-DEW will refresh your makeup and give you a dewy glow, just be aware that it will not set your makeup for all-day wear.

I grabbed an extra violet swirl Beauty Blender and RE-DEW Setting spray for one of my lucky LadyCode sisters! CLICK HERE FOR GIVEAWAY RULES

XOX Lisa

19 thoughts on “Beauty Blender RE-DEW Set + Refresh Spray Review + GIVEAWAY!

  1. I just watched the video and then the Blog Post jumped right into my inbox 😅!! A Skate Party!!! How fun!! Girl I was the roller skate queen in middle school, lol, that was the place to be in 1993😅!! I’m happy it has that great refreshing hydrating effect, but It’s too bad that It doesn’t actually keep your Makeup on. You know what else was a big deal in 1993??? A big ol can of White Rain Hairspray to Set that Makeup all Day😁, lol

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  2. I hope to be the lucky winner of the Beauty Blender RE-DEW Set + Refresh Spray Giveaway!! Thanks for the honest review, Lisa! 💖


  3. Just saw this video. Think it’s a good company, but I would want a product to set my makeup not just refresh! Thanks for the honesty. Skate party looks so fun 😊


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