WATER BOTTLE WAVES: How to Curl Your Hair with a Water Bottle

Beauty accounts all over instagram posted videos of water bottle waves: people all over the world creating curls with a water bottle and a hair dryer. It seems too easy and too simple to be true, so I put the beauty hack to the test to see if it really worked!

Watch me try curling my hair with a water bottle here:

Things you’ll need:

  1. A water bottle
  2. A hair dryer with a concentrator nozzle

Cut the top off of the water bottle to create more space to insert your hair. Cut another section the size of the hair dryer nozzle on the side of the bottle. Insert a small section of hair into the water bottle and then place the hair dryer on the edge of the bottle. Turn on the hair dryer and let it blow your hair in the same direction for 3-5 seconds. Take your hair out of the bottle.

OR… you can just get a curling iron!

Listen- I don’t recommend trying this at home. By my third attempt, my room smelled like burnt plastic and the water bottle started melting. Today it’s two days and 1 wash AFTER I tried this hack, and the strands that I curled are dry and brittle. In conclusion, its super fun to watch but it’s not something I would do to my hair again! Not to mention cutting up a water bottle takes a lot of effort and the bottle will melt throughout your styling session!

What do you think about the hair hack? Let me know in the comments below!


68 thoughts on “WATER BOTTLE WAVES: How to Curl Your Hair with a Water Bottle

  1. haha NEVERMIND! I just finished watching the video…not trying it after all. Nobody needs their space to smell like plastic! 😂 🤣😂 🤣


    1. Right! It’s honestly one of the strangest thing I’ve seen go around the internet in a while lol.. but I’m still trying it 😂❤


  2. I’m so sorry that your hair got so messed up from this water bottle trick. That just seemed so skeptical to begin with, but I’m glad you didn’t try to do too much to your hair. I feel like my hair would break and I’m definitely not going to try after this video.


  3. I would probably cut myself on the bottle if I tried that hahahaha! I’m clumsy like that even when I’m trying to be careful.


  4. This just seems like another insta hack that is cool for a video but silly in real life. Thanks for trying it so the rest of us don’t ruin our hair!


  5. I saw this on Instagram and was curious to test it out. It looks interesting but my hair is too damaged to take too many risks >.<


  6. I’ve seen this a few times and honestly I love how you kept it real here, because I’ve seen people tryna promote this and say it’s amazing, so I’m so thankful that you sacrificed your hair for us and told us the truth <333


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