Today on LadyCode we have a guest interview with Miss Nebraska Earth United States 2018, Merrick Alexander. Merrick is a small town, farm girl living in a big city studying History, Psychology, and Classics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Music has been her passion since she was 3 years old, and she has been through years of vocal training. She is able to sing in several different languages including Hebrew and Italian. Aside from music, her life has revolved around faith, family, and sports. Merrick is also a graduate of two separate modeling and acting programs, and continues to pursue both of these career fields, while volunteering and advocating for Earth and its people.

Quick facts…
Hometown: Plainview, NE
Occupation: University Student/ Model/ Nanny
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Art, Volunteering, Running
Favorite food: Tacos
Favorite movie: Raise Your Voice
Three words that sum you up: Unique, Compassionate, Motivated
Song you have on repeat right now: The Girl You Think I Am by Carrie Underwood
Dream job: Miss Earth / Singer
One thing you can’t live without: Music
Favorite quote: Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.

Having a state title must keep you pretty busy! What is a typical day like for you?
My days contain a balance of workouts, school, work, appearances, and photoshoots, plus I like to enjoy social time as well. The key is to be well-organized and recognize how much you can actually handle in one day without slacking on any of it. Being a student adds a little inconsistency to my schedule, and appearances are on different days and times, so you have to be orderly to make it on time to everything and be well prepared.

What has been the highlight of your reign so far?
The highlight of my reign has honestly been all of the little moments. The smiles on the faces of everyone I encounter, the opportunity to help others and be a part of something so much bigger than myself. I had the opportunity to be a part of the Autism Puzzle Walk in Omaha, NE, to hang out with the families and children. I was brought there to make them smile and bring joy and inspiration to their day, but it turns out that is exactly what they did for me. Seeing their strength and courage, and the utter happiness they get out of life was unbelievable. I want to find that same freedom in life. I had the same type of experience volunteering for Dance Marathon. Children are amazing and we can learn so much from them. These are a couple highlights, out of a multitude more. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with incredible people who constantly help me grow as an individual.

What are some of your best beauty secrets to looking flawless all the time?
My best beauty secret is that Natural is Beautiful. For many of the appearances I have done I have worn much more natural looking makeup, no false lashes, and no extensions. I love doing more natural looks because I believe we are all beautiful in our own skin, and I want to show young girls they can be proud of their own natural beauty. This is why I chose to not to wear extensions or false lashes in my Official Headshot as Miss Nebraska Earth 2018. Another quick beauty tip is that less is more with makeup, and to always have translucent powder on hand to help with oil!

Lady Code has a focus on anti-bullying and women empowerment. Do you have any advice for our readers who may be victims of bullying?
The subject of bullying touches right at home for me. My older sister and I both experienced bullying in JH and High School. It breaks my heart that I have to share my advice, because it means bullying still breaks the hearts and minds of young men and women. My first piece of advice when it comes to bullying is that you make sure your actions are in check. We must always follow the “Golden Rule.” So, even if someone treats you poorly, never let that darkness seep into your own heart and actions. Don’t be afraid to speak to someone about the way you are being treated. People do care, and will help if you let them know what is happening. I promise you are NEVER alone, even though sometimes it feels like it. Remember your worth and value, it will help you stay strong in moments where bullies may try to wear you down. Most importantly I would tell a victim that I truly believe in them and that they are special, worthy, and loved.

Tell us about your platform:
-First of all, my advocacy as an Earth Warrior is to preserve and protect Earth. Earth is truly a gift, and has been taken advantage of for hundreds of years. It is up to us now to work on changing our behavior and working to cleanse the Earth of garbage and damage. These changes will not happen overnight, but the more awareness we spread about recycling, picking up trash, reusable straws, bags, and cups, plant diversity, etc. we can begin to cause multiple ripples and then hopefully a wave of change. Let’s be the difference our Earth needs and the people of Earth need.
-My personal platform is “You Define You.” I came up with this movement to teach men and women all over the world that their circumstances do not have to define them. This is a movement to become extraordinary. We need to dare to dream bigger than we have ever dreamt before, and have the courage to pursue those dreams. We can break out of whatever box we are placed into, either by ourselves or by others, and become the incredible person we are meant to be. It begins with believing in yourself, and recognizing that you are capable of achieving whatever it is that your heart desires. Make the changes necessary and chase after your dreams and goals. Believe in yourself; I believe in you.

What can Lady Code readers do in their communities to get involved?
Oh my goodness! There are so many simple ways to get involved and help out our Beautiful Earth! First of all, you can make a personal initiative to change. You can recycle, use reusable bags, straws, and cups. These are all small changes that can be made at your own home. Many communities have groups that plant trees or do trash clean-ups. One way to find events is simply by googling events happening in your area or by using the key word search for events on Facebook. For example, Keep Omaha Beautiful and the Arbor Day Foundation both post events on Facebook people can volunteer for or donate funding too. It is truly so easy to get involved, and working as a group makes it so fun too! I would absolutely encourage you to get out in the community and start making a difference. Also, raise awareness through social media about things you learn or ways to help. If you are going to an event, post about it to see if others want to help as well. Let’s get everyone in action, and create a wave of change!
In your free time, what do you enjoy doing?
Free Time? What is Free time? Haha Just kidding!  In my free time I love to travel, go to concerts, read, draw, paint, and most definitely watch movies. I catch up on time with my friends, family, and boyfriend. I love to go fishing, tubing, and boating. Spending time relaxing outdoors is one of my all-time favorite things to do. Also, I love love love to shop. So, when I get the time, I hit the malls and boutiques!
What is the best advice you have ever received?
“You are enough” is probably the most important thing someone has ever said to me. We get so caught up in competition to remember that even without a trophy, crown, sash, or medal we are still so worthy of living an incredible life. We are all beautiful, wonderful, children of God, and he made us exactly who and how we are supposed to be with a purpose. People are constantly telling us the areas we need to improve or do better, so my favorite piece of advice to calm the storm is “you are enough.” Another piece of advice I live by is “Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.” This piece of advice brings an optimistic lens to life.

Twitter: @merrickrandy
Instagram: merrickrandy
Facebook Fan Page: Miss Nebraska Earth United States


  1. Inspiring story!! Never stop dreaming gorgeous!! Wish you the best for future endeavors!! Thank you for sharing Lisa!!


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