Black Kylie Kyliner Review

Kylie Jenner just launched her Kyliner Kits on Tuesday in the colors brown and black! Unlike most of her launches, these products lasted longer than 5 minutes on her website…In fact, they are still available now!

kyliner review black.png

Kylie has been making a lot of improvements on her popular cosmetics line since she first started out. Rather than waiting 10 days to receive my product, I got my Kyliner 4 days after ordering it! Yay, Kylie!

Kyliner kits come with a Gel liner, an angled brush, and a liner pencil. Mario Dedivanovic, one of the Kardashian clan’s favorite makeup artists, loves layering eyeliner which is probably why Kylie decided to create a liner “kit” that lets you use different eyeliner products to build and define your lash line.

Watch my review on the Lady Code YouTube channel below to see the full demo, unboxing, and review:

The brush and gel liner are AMAZING, I have never used any gel liner that glides on so smoothly and pigmented. The pencil is great too, but I am not a fan of eyeliner pencils since I have eyelash extensions. I think that the Stila smudgestick or Marc Jacobs highliner pencils are better pencil products. As far as creme gel liners go, Kylie did an incredible job and for that price, the Kyliner kit is worth it!

Let me know your thoughts on the Kyliner if you have tried it ❤



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