Happy Motivational Monday with Amy Kao

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Happy Motivational Monday. For the past few months, I have been posting about inspirational women who are involved in the STEM fields. For those of you that done’t know, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. While attending the Miss US International Pageant, I had the chance to interview Amy Kao, Miss Connecticut US International. She is currently on an Asian Expat assignment, working for Google in Singapore and getting her MBA at Yale University.

amy koa
Amy, pictured above is a great example of beauty and brains.

Amy is truly the embodiment of beauty and brains, She competed at the Facebook Hack-a-thon with her Yale class where she helped develop code and solutions to revolutionize the technology landscape. This includes making the Facebook app more accessible and easier for the public to use. Amy is also working with the United Nations Women Committee in Singapore to help organize a Google Stem Day where 50-60 underprivileged young girls can learn and get involved in STEM and show them how fun it is to work in this arena.

Her advice to young women with dreams of being involved in STEM, “Follow your dreams and don’t  be afraid to be a leader.” She believes that young women need to see figures of familiarity in the STEM environment. She suggests taking risks and following confidently in your dreams.


Amy teaches us that women can do anything, be anything, be strong, beautiful and empowered!

Check out the interview below.

Happy Monday!

~Char ❤

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