The Unlikely Yet Fascinating Partnership of Fashion and Bingo

Aside from the basic public gatherings and social events, the versatility of an iconic game such as bingo covers almost every aspect in life. From fitness and music motifs that light up a party, to online counterparts that provide convenient modes of play, there are tons of themed alternatives out there. The game is even the central theme of a classic 1960s comedy film, ‘Beach Blanket Bingo.’ In a nutshell, bingo’s flexibility and charm is felt all around, including leisure activities such as shopping and styling.

Mixing fashion and bingo doesn’t come off as a surprise considering style guru and TV presenter John Scott uses the game as a way to share his insights on the subject. Scott and Gala Bingo formed a partnership to put a spotlight on the latest and most trending news in the fashion world. This only proves the viability of combining leisure and entertainment with learning. On the other hand, there’s also another way for you to actually play the game while organizing your closet and picking the right clothes for a night out.


Fashion website,, together with different bloggers, came up with the idea of Wardrobe Bingo. The concept of the game focuses on the selection of outfits divided into five categories: tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. To start, choose a handful of items from every classification and take a photo of each. Then position the sets in columns and number them from one to five. Basically, instead of having letters and numbers on the card, Wardrobe Bingo uses articles of clothing.

If the thought of snapping pictures is too tedious for you, an alternative would be to count on the service of websites such as Here, you can simply put the names or types of each one, as a replacement for taking a picture of it. Once you’ve accomplished the cards, use a dice and roll five times to determine your outfit. Since you only have five numbers and five columns, hitting a six becomes a free choice, which means you get to pick whatever you like amongst the given category.

You’ll neither worry about mixing and matching clothes, accessories, and shoes, nor follow what’s in and out in the fashion world. By now you should have a collection that features an ideal assortment of classics, as well as items that look and feel good on you. In a way, this is just a simple proof of the unlikely yet fascinating partnership of fashion and bingo.

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