How To Make SUPER Thin Hair Look Full, Thick, and Fab – Without Hair Extensions!

Hey beautifuls!

Today I filmed a tutorial on how to make your super thin hair look MUCH thicker. My hair is genetically super thin so when I came around to competing in beauty pageants, I had to figure out how to get that Miss Venezuela volume!

I found this teasing strategy through trial and error, and I’ve found its the best way to get the most volume, and the best way to frame your face properly.

Lisa Opie Photo Lisa L OPie image lisa l opie 2016 lisa opie picture

Things you’ll need: 

-Comb (Nothing fancy-I use a free comb I got from a hotel toiletry kit 🙂 )

-Hairspray with pretty good hold


-Curling iron

-Hair clip

Here is the talk through video of how to get the complete look! You can also curl your hair how you normally would and start watching at 6:30 into the video for just the teasing and styling section:

I also did a tutorial on my eye makeup look, and you can watch it by CLICKING HERE

lisa opie instagram lisa opie yoga lisa opie face lisa opie makeup lisa opie glam lisa opie miss nationwide miss usa miss florida

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Let me know if there is anything you want me to cover on YouTube or on the blog by leaving feedback in the comments below!





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