Vacation Diary: Grand Cayman Day 2

 Today was our first full day in the Cayman Islands! We started with coffee and breakfast at the resort, then headed out to explore the island. We decided to rent a car for the duration of our stay and I’m so glad we did! We can go wherever on the island with no hassle. image image image image image

Our first stop was Eden Rock: a snorkeling spot where you can actually take a ladder straight into the sea! The water was crystal clear and totally gorgeous.  image image image

Next, we headed over to Smith Cove, which was about a 5-minute drive from Eden Rock. The photos should speak for the location!!!

image image

My bikini is from Vizcaya Swimwear:

I loooove the palm print for this vacation because the location is so vibrant and tropical! This was the perfect bikini for today because it was strapless and being my first full day in the sun I wanted to make sure I didn’t have any tan lines. image image image

Rum Point was recommended to us by several people on the island so we drove to the north side and stopped at Rum Point. Rum Point had plenty of beach chairs, gift shops, bars, restaurants, and water sports available. The chairs were complimentary so it was nice, but I personally found seven mile beach more gorgeous.

image image image image image

Starfish Point was right by Rum Point so we went to check it out. I’m so glad we rented a car and brought our own snorkel gear.

It was hard to find but once we got to the secluded beach there were starfish EVERYWHERE! image image image image image

After that, the sun was starting to go down so we headed back to the resort, where I’m writing to you now 🙂 We’re about to get some dinner and enjoy the sun set on Seven Mile Beach ❤

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